Welcome on board

Transdisciplinary performance, 2018

Daily cruises around the world, based on the extensive research of Eirini Sourgiadaki on teleportation and transformation.
Shifting between digital, mental and physical presence, playing with the roles of author, performer, puppet and avatar, Eirini Sourgiadaki in collaboration with Anna Rubi, are investigating a case of travelling on and off stage, with and without moving.
The Tanzhaus building turns into a boat without a captain, and sails to unknown waters, deep or shallow, saline or fresh, turquoise or dark blue – nobody can tell for sure. «Welcome on board» is a pre-directed situation, where the artists are the stewardesses and the audience the passengers. A trip to a utopian or dystopian port, a metaphorical travel where the vessel is a collective body – enclosing all our different minds.

cabin crew Eirini Sourgiadaki and Anna Rubi
passengers the audience
Coaching Alexandra Bachzetsis and Marisa Godoy
Lightdesign Anutoshen Hüer and David Baumgartner
Co-production Tanzhaus Zürich



SHOW-OFF, Tanzhaus Zürich


Zürich Tanzt, Zirkusquartier


Fête des Vignerons, Vevey


Forever Royalties

Video installation, 2016

The word empatheia originally from the ancient Greek empathis is a Hellenistic word used to describe the “intense pathos”, evolved to “wickedness”, negative or hostile attitude in prejudice. The word came to the English language to denote “the participation to the pathos” (pathos with the meaning of suffering), to the misery of the other up to a point of total identification, and eventually the compassion. The use of the word itself came to a point meaning exactly the opposite of its ancient Greek original. In an etymological sense, empathy is a paradoxical phenomenon, so as trying to relate to the pain of another body. Could we ever feel the same pain, as the others? 

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Z+ fund and showroom ‘Pain of the others’ group show 2016 I London Biennale Manila Pollination 2016 I TART Zürich 2018 I Kulturfolger Zürich 2018

We Have All the Time in the World

Video installation, 2015

I am waiting for an arrival, a return, a promised sign. This can be futile, or immensely pathetic: in Erwartung (Waiting),a woman waits for her lover, at night, in the forest; I am waiting for no more than a telephone call, but the anxiety is the same. Everything is solemn: I have no sense of proportions. -[Roland Barthes „A lover’s discourse“, 37]


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Doing Nothing Festival Zürich 2015 I Stop the music! group show in MyMuseum Budapest 2017 I TART Zürich 2018 I Kulturfolger Zürich 2018 I Relative time group show – Budapest Spring Festival + MyMuseum 2018


We Buy Gold Ltd

Prints, 2015

“We buy gold” is a series of prints unfolding the story of the “ King of gold” through newspaper issues. It is an experimentation of storytelling through fragments and an ironic comment on the recent world economic crisis with a special focus on Europe.



TART Zürich 2017

Zürich University of the Arts 2015

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